Yumeiro Senshi!

Yumeiro Senshi (夢色戦士 Yumeiro Senshi), also known as Dream-colored Warriors, is a Japanese magical girl anime created by User:CureHibiki. The story follows five girls who become the Yumeiro Senshi in order to recover world peace and to rescue the twin Senshi who had went missing when the world turned into chaos.


Aida Kiyoko lived an original life like most other humans on Earth, but one day, two girls who fought this enemy named Black Force, magically disappeared and suddenly the world turned into chaos. Wanting her life to go back to normal, Kiyoko gives up her normal life to become a Yumeiro Senshi to save World Peace and find the two senshi. But to do that, she has to find four other girls who also will have the desire to protect world peace.




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